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I have 40 years’ experience almost exclusively in orthopedic care.  I was trained at the University of Pittsburgh and later received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of the Health Professions.  My approach is based on evidence, not what is popular or believed to work.  I was one of only 6 board-certified practicing therapists in Indiana in 1993.

One of the primary reasons for doing this website is to educate consumers and debunk myths. Most physicians are poorly trained in musculoskeletal issues (see Research for Evidence). Most patients will probably see improvement after the first session of therapy!

I strive to provide what works – nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else. I believe an informed patient can make informed decisions about their care and this requires presenting facts. I believe patients should be able to make informed choices, based on what is best for them – not what is best for us.


We specialize in manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and post-operative therapy, all in a cost-efficient manner.

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