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In 1993 Ed Scott was one of only 1012 board certified orthopedic specialists, practicing in the US. He prides himself on keeping up to date with current research versus the “this is the way we do it” approach to physical therapy.

Do I really need surgery to fix this problem?


On Thursday, September 26, 2019, I had some annoying lower back pain.  The next day it was much worse, and on Saturday I could hardly get out of bed.  An acquaintance of mine recommended I see a chiropractor in Carmel (about 40 miles from me).  I saw him on Saturday, and he told me after his treatment I would feel better.  I did not.  I saw him again the following Monday and received the same treatment and was told I would feel better.  I did not.  The chiropractor then offered to set up a payment plan for my next 50 visits!  I declined.

On Wednesday, October 2 I saw Ed Scott.  I had a lot of pain and was not moving or walking normally.  The pain was so bad I had received a pain shot the day before.  He examined me and did some manual therapy.  He did not tell me I would feel better after the treatment, but I did.  He advised I remain active despite the pain, telling me “hurt does not mean harm is being done”.  I saw him again in one week, feeling much better, and moving and walking normally.  He again did some manual therapy and told me there was no need to come back unless I had another episode that did not resolve on its own, which he told me it often does if one remains active despite the pain.  I agreed as this has happened to me in the past.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ed Scott for lower back pain, for a no-nonsense, effective treatment; and education about back pain grounded in evidence and science.

RC – 64 y/o male

I had been having pain in my right shoulder for about a year.  I had been doing some weight training about a year ago and had no discomfort during the workout but the next day I had shoulder discomfort which persisted and worsened.

An orthopedic surgeon diagnosed my issue as an AC joint problem, and he recommended surgery.

I saw Ed Scott on May 14, 2019 primarily because I wanted to avoid surgery.  He told me the AC joint was not the problem, and that some stiffness in the GH (main shoulder, ball and socket joint) seemed to be the primary issue, and surgery was not necessary and would not fix my problem.

He did some manual therapy and had me do one stretching exercise.  I had immediate improvement in motion with less pain.  I did the stretching exercise and returned in a week, reporting that I was much better.  He modified my home program and advise if I had problems after a week or two to call for an appointment.  I haven’t had to make that call.

I would highly recommend you see Dr. Scott before any recommended surgery, unless it is an emergency.

I had intermittent primarily right-sided low back pain for about 15 years. Chiropractic adjustments typically would give me relief, but for this episode, it did not seem to be helping.  My personal physician recommended I see Ed Scott, and my chiropractor agreed.

I saw Ed Scott on April 30.  He did some manual therapy and I felt immediate relief.  I did very well for about 3 days and then the pain returned.  I discovered that sitting on a curb and then standing completely abolished the pain.  On May 7, I saw Dr. Scott again.  He again did some manual therapy but not for the same issue.  I saw Dr. Scott again on May 14 and reported that I was doing very well.  He explained that intermittent low back pain is pretty normal, and rarely serious.  He suggested a future episode is likely and that I should just try to work through it, as “hurt does not mean harm”, and folks with back pain that remain active despite pain, do best.  He suggested if a future episode does not improve in a week or so or gets worse to see him or my chiropractor.

I would highly recommend Dr. Scott for no nonsense, rapid improvement.

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Do I really need therapy 2-3 times a week?

Probably not. Therapists often recommend 2-3 visits per week. They frequently tell patients, “well your doctor ordered that, so you must need it”. One visit per week or less is almost always enough to get the results you want. Fewer visits, less cost and time, and excellent results.